Matthew Bocchi (he/him) 

Matt is a 2013 graduate of Allegheny College and currently serves as ASG advisor in addition to his role as Regional Advancement Officer in Alumni Affairs & Development. While at Allegheny he served on the Curriculum Committee and headed the efforts to establish Gator Days, triple majored in Art History, History, and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, and was a founding father of Phi Gamma Delta. Outside of his work at Allegheny, Matt serves as a leadership consultant for his fraternity and other NIC organizations, focusing on building and maintaining a positive experience for undergraduate members in organizations that are accepting and encouraging of inclusivity and excellence. As ASG advisor, he hopes to bring his more than 10+ of experience with the Allegheny community to the table to help students find a voice in their interactions with the Administration and to help them navigate (and create) structures to achieve their goals now and in the coming years. When not advising students, you can find him drinking obscene amounts of coffee and reading The Chronicle of Higher Education or the latest scholarly article on Renaissance Art (or perhaps a Yelp review for a new sushi place - feel free to send suggestions).