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Chief Executive Officers



Veronica Green


"My name is Veronica Green (she/her/hers) and I am from Jersey Shore, PA. I major in Political Science and double minor in Arabic and Middle East and North African studies. I am the President of Allegheny Student Government and I strive to enhance the communication, representation, and accountability on Allegheny’s campus for students, staff, faculty, and administration. Outside of ASG, I am in the Law & Policy Program and barista at GFC! In whatever free time I have left, I like to go thrift shopping, read novels, sew, and hang out with my friends <3"

Rudra Schultz-Ray


"Hi, my name is Rudra, I’m a senior here at Allegheny. I’m from NYC, and I am planning to graduate with a major in history (archaeology), and a double minor in art (ceramics) and political science I’m involved with theater on campus (come see Rocky Horror!!)I’m part of the eSports club, and I play DnD with some online friends. Before college, I used to sail on the Hudson river, and I played soccer as a midfielder. As the year develops, so will our goals, but my personal goals are the following; encourage sustainable initiatives on campus like increased composting, higher prevalence of reusable containers, a better Title IX program on campus, and holding the administration accountable."


Our Goals

This year, as President & Vice-President of the Allegheny Student Government, we will endeavor to achieve the goals outlined in our platform, which include:

Increasing Transparency, Communication, & Accountability of ASG 

Improving Mental Health & Safety on Campus

  • consistent meetings with administration

  • transparency with all communications involving administration

  • improved ASG communications through relevant platforms

  • holding all ASG members accountable for their roles and responsibilites

  • expanded mental health center, staff, support, & services

  • more responsive public safety

  • more support for underrepresented groups on campus

  • creating a mental health lounge on campus

Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • mandatory inclusivity & bias training for all members of ASG

  • leadership training for clubs and their executive boards

  • "TEDx"-style events to promote more campus unity

  • introducing a DEI speaker series

Expanding Food & Dietary Options on Campus

  • more detailed food labeling and descriptions

  • increased variety of dining options for all, with a special consideration towards those with dietary restrictions

  • work with Dining Services, wherever possible, to provide student input

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