Class of 2022

Mission Statement

The senators of the class of 2022 will spend this year striving to improve our campus in a multitude of ways. We are prioritizing furthering sustainable practices at Allegheny, fostering a safe and supportive environment for each and every student, especially traditionally marginalized groups, and listening attentively and with respect to every voice. We also care deeply about diversity and inclusion, spreading positivity, and working toward infrastructure improvements. We are here to be a liaison between the faculty and the student body and we promise to work with integrity, honesty, and transparency. 


Kathryn Phillippe

Student Affairs Committee

Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn Phillippe and I am a sophomore. I am from Warrenton, Virginia, which is located just outside Washington, D.C.. I am involved in various clubs and activities around campus aside from student government and I am passionate about student involvement because it is a great way to meet new people— something I love to do! I am currently involved in the Law and Policy Program, a member of many campus clubs such as Model UN, The Outing Club, and Mosaic, to name a few, and I work on campus as a social media assistant and volunteer at GFC in my free time. You may know me from one of these listed extracurricular activities, or have seen me in passing, but if not, I would love to get to know everyone on campus, so don’t hesitate to say hi if we cross paths! A bit about my plans for this year: During my tenure as President of the sophomore student body, I will prioritize the fact that everyone should feel safe and welcome on this campus.

I hope to achieve more unity and familiarity amongst the sophomore class through specialized events. Getting to know fellow sophomore through classes, passing by on campus, and dining halls is not enough!

I want to make sure that all attentive needs are met in our sophomore class, so that NO ONE is overlooked. Most importantly, I plan to be an advocate for our class by listening attentively and respectfully to what each person has to say. No voice left unheard. Thank you for reading this!

Vice President

Noah Tart

Finance Committee

My name is Noah W. Tart and I am from a small farm in Pennsylvania called Delta. I spent the majority of my life working on an orchard growing various fruit and vegetables. I currently am a Music and Psychology double major and I play trumpet in four ensembles At Allegheny, and I am a member of the Men’s Rugby Team. I am also involved with two forms of greek life which are Phi Kappa Psi and Lambda Sigma. I look forward to three more great years on this beautiful campus! My Platform ensures that fellow students of the Class of 2022 will have the resources they need to succeed as being heard on campus.

As your senator, here is what you can expect from me! Safety for all students on campus by ensuring Allegheny is no place for any sort of hate or discrimination. Under no circumstance is racism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, or religious ridicule appropriate. I will go to great lengths to support anyone in these groups to make sure they feel safe on campus. By making the campus safe, we can a stronger community and a stronger college. Listening to the student body’s ideas and then presenting their opinions to the student government committees. Every single idea and voice are important, and it is the responsibility of the student government to listen with an open mind. I will take any idea you share with me close to heart and discuss it during committee meetings. I will make myself as available as possible to discuss possible idea s  and concerns you have as well as any campus-wide changes. Engagement with the community. A college is only as strong as its community. I will work as a senator to establish links between Allegheny College and local hotspots such as the market house and other family-owned businesses. If we can strengthen our community our community will strengthen Allegheny college. Trust, it’s key to any relationship. Trust that I am here to listen to you and I will be honest and open about what I can achieve/have done. I am dedicated to working on your behalf to ensure that you, the class of 2022, enjoy the best possible time at Allegheny College. It is an honor to be part of the class of 2022, and an honor to be your senator!


Quinn Broussard

Diversity & Inclusion Committee


Hi everyone! My name is Quinn Broussard and I’m a Senator for the Class of 2022 as well as a Philosophy major and Political Science minor. I’m super excited to be a Senator this year after serving as an ex-officio on the Communications and Press Committee and look forward to representing my class. I’m also involved in Allegheny’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance as the President, College Democrats as the Vice President of External Affairs, Alpha Delta Pi as the Recruitment Assistant, and Lambda Sigma and often can be found at Grounds for Change either hanging out with friends, on shift as a student volunteer, or doing homework. Looking forward to a great year!


Pamela Rodriguez

Sustainability Committee


Hey Class of 2022, my name is Pamela Rodriguez and am an Environmental Geology major and DMS Minor. Some extracurriculars I am involved in are Alpha Delta Pi, Legion of Allegheny Gamers, and care for the aquaponics facility in Carr Hall. In ASG, not only am I one of the senators but also a part of the sustainability committee and a first-year liaison. A few things I intend on accomplishing this year are planning social events and a forum for transfers, seeking solutions for increasing retention rates, and holding town halls to hear your voices. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime. I look forward to a great year with you all!  :)


Bennett Westfall


Rules Committee

​My name is Bennett Westfall. I am a senator for the class of 2023 during the 2019-2020 school year. I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I am currently thinking about majoring in International Studies or Political Science and minoring in French. At Allegheny, I am also involved in International Club. I am hoping to work for increasing dorm living standards and lowering the price of Allegheny. I also want to increase communication between students and administration, because that is the best way to ease tension and improve the lives of everyone on campus.