Class of 2024

Mission Statement 

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 Kristen Cadham 

Hi everyone! My name is Kristen Cadham and I am in the Class of 2024 majoring in Communications with a minor in History. I am from Woodbury, MN which is not as long of a drive as one would think. This year, I was re-elected to be the Class of 2024 President and Senator. My goals in this position are to help students transition to what Allegheny and ASG will be like in a semi-normal school year, as well as providing a voice in what could help make that transition easier. My interests outside of ASG include being a Resident Advisor, helping out in Admissions by being an unofficial Gator Guide, participating in the Major Events Committee, writing for the The Campus Allegheny newspaper, and being Co-President of the GSA Club (if we can help start it up again that is). My email is and Instagram is Golden_Serenity28. I would love to help with making our voices heard! Thank you!

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Vice President

Payne Rizzer



Tyler James Znacko

Hi, my name is Tyler Znaczko. I am a member of the class of 2024. My major/minor are biochemistry and psychology, respectively. My home town is Cranberry Township, but for all intensive purposes it's Pittsburgh. I will be a senator for the class of 2024 and I plan to work tirelessly to ensure all student's voices are heard and
represented. A little bit about me: I am on the men's soccer team, a pre-health student, in the honors program, a member of Lambda Sigma, and a member of the pre-health club. Outside of school I help coach a local high school soccer team and am an EMT. I also served last year in ASG as a senator. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at!



Luke Lacaria

 Hi, my name is Luke Lacaria, and I am a student senator in the class of 2024. I currently pursuing a major in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. I am from Vandergrift, PA, a small town 30 minutes east of Pittsburgh. I am also a member of the Communications and Press committee. As a member of the committee, I hope to improve the quality of communication between students, student government, and administration. As a senator, I want to gather feedback from students in order to address problems and hold the administration accountable when necessary. My goal is to open an honest and informed dialogue between students and administration, and improve transparency and accountability wherever possible. Please feel free to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions. My email address is Thanks!



Christopher Ratliff

 Hi, my name is Christopher Ratliff (he, him, his), and I’m a sophomore majoring in Political Science with a double minor in Religious Studies and Economics. I am from Tarentum, Pennsylvania, a small town outside of Pittsburgh. This year, I am a senator for the class of 2024. My goal is to better the relationship between students, professors, and administrators, starting conversations on critical issues our campus faces. I hope to do as much as possible to represent the class of 2024’s interests and better the campus as a whole. My interests include reading, writing, and hiking. Also, I am on the Allegheny men’s tennis team, and I coach high school tennis as an assistant coach as well. Feel free to reach me with any comments, questions, and concerns at:

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