Allegheny College offers its students a tremendous amount of resources just for being enrolled here! See below for a short list of our most commonly used resources! Follow the link at the bottom for even more resources!

Campus Resources 

Dining Services

Dining services on campus are provided by the Parkhurst Company. Look for paper comment cards at Brooks and McKinley's and for occasional surveys to help Parkhurst to provide the best selection and services. Parkhurst can, and will, provide for certaiun dietary and religious restrictions! For more information, on dining hall hours and schedules, check out their Allegheny website, thier new app, or fill out their online comment card!

Maintence Services

Maintenance and upkeep of the campus falls under the responsibilities of Physical Plant. The cleaning of campus buildings and residence halls falls under St. Moritz. If there is a problem in your residence hall, this should be reported to your RA or CA so that they can submit a work order. If a specific problem exists in an academic building, these problems can be reported to the building secretary.

Technology Services

All of the computers, printers, internet services, and other technology on campus is managed by the office of Computing Services. Visit the Computing Help Desk, located behind the main desk in the Library, for the latest updates on campus technology as well as instructions on using all of the services provided. Have a problem such as a malfunctioning wireless signal or campus computer? Get a solution fast by reporting it to the WebHelp Desk, or call ext. 2755.