Committee Councils

The College Committees Council is a collaborative meeting where students serving on various all-college committees can come together and report the status and activities of their respective committees. The student representatives of the council are headed by the Chief of Staff. The Council also focuses on constant internal team building and betterment to ensure that those who have been placed on a committee are constantly taking into consideration the student body as a whole.

Jared McHale

Chief of Staff

Office Hours


The Academic Standards and Awards Comittee

Student Members

  • Emily Rathbun

Finance and Facilities Committee (F.F.C.)

Student Members

  • Trevor Day

Council on Diversity and Equity (C.O.D.E.)

Student Members

  • Lola Asnin

  • Genesis Pena

  • Sam Keane-Paul

  • Kamryn Randall

Public Events Committee (P.E.C.)

Student Members

  • David Roach

  • Jessica Garcia

  • George Castellon Castillo

  • Daniella Clark

Curriculum Committee 

Student Members

  • Alex Yarkosky

  • Anna Campbell-Snowden

  • Jared McHale

  • Ryan Guide

Campus Life and Community Standards Committee (C.L.C.S.C.)

Student Members​​

  • Abena Prempeh

  • Kelsey Evans

  • Nimna Rodrigo

  • Gabriel McIntire