The Office of the Attorney General 

Jack Parker (he/him)

Official Duties

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The Rules Committee will investigate, review, and recommend proposed changes in the rules and regulations, and will review and approve proposed or amended constitutions of recognized organizations. It will review all aspects of elections, including but not limited: to review of election procedures, ensuring candidates have fulfilled their pre-election requirements, and verification of election results. Lastly it will ensure the Constitution and By-Laws are abided by, and report infractions to the Senate.

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Committee Members

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Want to Start a New Student Organization?

Complete List of Student Organizations on Campus 

Great! We are here to help and happy you are interested! Just take the following the steps:​

  1. Write a comprehensive constitution for your new organization and fill out the new club petition. The New Student Organization Packet contains information and formatting of an organization's constitution as well as the student petition that must be filled out. This packet can be found on the 2nd floor of the CC near the printer! 

  2. Drop off a copy of the organization's new constitution as well as the student petition to the ASG Office (Campus Center, Room 316) and place it in Attorney-General's box. Also e-mail a copy of the constitution to

  3. You will be invited to a Rules Committee meeting to present the new organization as well as explain aspirations and future goals of the organization.

  4. Once the constitution is reviewed by the Rules Committee it will be voted on by the ASG Senate for two consecutive weeks.

  5. If the organization is passed by the ASG Senate get ready to plan events and have fun with fellow group members!