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What We Do

The Allegheny Student Government aims to support every student at Allegheny College through:

  • Providing funding for ASG-recognized organizations

  • Focusing on student advocacy regarding pertinent issues

  • Encouraging involvement on campus & in the wider, local community

Explore our resources for students & organizations below!


Official Forms & Documentation

Here you will find all official ASG documentation, including:

  • Finance Forms & Procedures

  • New Organization Registration Guide

  • ASG Financial Guidelines & Policies

  • ASG Constitution & Bylaws

General Assembly Minutes

General Assembly ("GA" for short) is ASG's official, weekly meeting of the Cabinet & Senate, where important updates & information related to campus life are discussed & shared. This is also where & when new clubs, pieces of legislation, budgets, & finance requests are voted on.


Minutes of every meeting are updated & maintained by the Director of Organizational Development.

Hosted weekly in CC 311/312 on Tuesdays starting at 7:30PM.


Calendar of Events & Deadlines

This calendar includes all important ASG-related events & deadlines, this can include:

  • Club budget & senate/cabinet application deadlines

  • ASG-sponsored events

  • ASG-recognized clubs events

  • Presidential Debate

Updated & maintained by the Director of Press & Communications and the Director of Organizational Development.

ASG & On-Campus Resources

Here is a listing of resources available through the Allegheny Student Government and Allegheny College.

This includes:

  • initiatives supported and run by ASG

  • resources available on campus

Notice a resource is not listed?

Let us know! 


Campus Organizations

A complete listing of all ASG-recognized organizations.

Maintained & updated by the Director of Organizational Development, Attorney General, and Director of Press & Communications.

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