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Who We Are

Since its establishment in 1815, the Allegheny Student Government has worked to represent student opinion, help coordinate student-led programming, and facilitate communication with the faculty and administration at Allegheny College.


The organization is made up of three branches: Executive, Legislative, & Judicial, all of which work together as the official voice and administrative unit of the student body.


Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is comprised of the student-elected Chief Executive officers and their appointed Cabinet.

Each member of the cabinet directs a committee, working toward supporting and creating ASG-led initiatives at the college.

Committees are typically made up of senators, who are members of the legislative branch, and ex-officios, members of the student body who are not involved in ASG.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is made up of twenty student-elected senators, with five senators (including class President and Vice-President) appointed to represent each class.

Each member of the senate is responsible for identifying and communicating the interests of the student body while using their judgment to pass legislation and distribute budgeted funds across ASG-recognized organizations.


Judicial Branch

On the occasion of a reported constitutional infraction by a member of the Cabinet and/or Senate, the Judicial Branch, headed by the Attorney General, is formed to make up the Judicial Review Board.

 The Judicial Branch consists of three student representatives (outside of ASG) appointed by the Attorney General to review all cases of suspected misconduct.

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